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February and March Icons

I'm trying to post monthly batches, but schoolwork is owning my soul. So I caught up over spring break. I should be posting more writing soon also, but for now, enjoy some icons and headers!!!

+Comments are awesome, but please do credit. Check out my user info for a tip on how to do it+

Multi-Fandom Graphics

Avatar the Last Airbender
Icons [32]
Headers [6]

Naruto (contains spoilers for chapter 393)
Icons [4]
Header [1]

Tokio Hotel
Icons [9]

Miscellaneous (House M.D, Puppyshipping, Pitch Black, Tom Felton, Emma Watson, Cowboy Bebop, Burn Notice, Wentworth Miller)
Icons [10]


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January icons Part Deux

 Finally finished the batch for January, and right on time too... THIS BATCH CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR WESTERN AIR TEMPLE AND FIREBENDING MASTERS. You have been warned, and there are no animated icons in the preview because of this.

Avatar the last airbender: 20

Photobucket Photobucket family

Dance Dance Avatar StyleCollapse )


Icons again?!

Alright, more icons. Very small amount, and I wasn't kidding about liking variations. Seriously. XD
Sum41 was obviously playing when I made these, because I adore that song to death.



Sum41 lyrics + Naruto = HarmonyCollapse )


Me be LATE

Alright, here's a small little Avatar icon dump. Some were done for avatar_exchange  . You'll notice I like to do variations. Especially in this post and the next one XD

Avatar the Last Airbender

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I'll be your distraction. . .Collapse )


November Icons

Alright, so here's my batch for November. I'm finishing up a few more , and I'll post those in December (a few were inspired through an exchange of sorts, so I can't post em just yet). So, here's a few. I guess I want to post a batch each month, but whenever I have bunch I'll post em, since typing up long icon entries takes forever D8  ::edit - spacing is being weird. I apologize for the weirdness!::

Movie and Tv Quotes [4]
Yugioh Abridged Series [4]
Anita Blake Quotes [28]
Miscellaneous [8]
Total : 44 icons


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Brain hertz

Just finished pigging out with Photoshop. Many icons, but here's a small update for now. I promise to have the prompt by the end of next week!

Dream Team and then some [10]

:-: Preview :-:

Shh! It's alright, you're being sniffed...Collapse )

Why yes, I am alive?!

Alright, I'm back and ready to get creative. I spent the last week figuring out computer stuff that gave me a headache, correcting html codes, adjusting codes (viola my new layout) and deleting my new entry because of stupid html codes.

So, now that I had a great night of sleep and my photoshop is alive again, I present icons! No new writing as of now, unless a certain someone wants to give me an idea. These are my first batch of Burn Notice icons. It's the new tv show on USA. It's amazing. Seriously.

I'll be adding more resources and such, but all of the ones i've used up until now are in my user info already. Ok then, have fun :p


[Burn Notice : 29]

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